Our friends at CXO TRANSFORM have developed a Digital Transformation Framework called THRIVE which helps organisations to establish core principles to prepare for digital transformation

THRIVE Framework Overview

The Transformation Office is proud to showcase the THRIVE Digital Transformation Framework which has been developed by Rob Llewellyn from CXO Transform to aid organisations in managing digital transformation programmes.  Below you will a find a high level overview of the framework along with links to find out more detail.  CXO Transform also offers transformation professionals to become certified in Digital Transformation which will help you become the authority within your organisation or field.


The TRANSFORMATION principle is focused on understanding the core difference between Business Transformation and Business Change (Business Transformation concentrates on changing the business without being constrained by its past).



The HOLISTIC principle is focused on ensuring that Transformation looks at ALL aspects of an organisation and not just focused on a single part of it.  Mindsets of leaders across the business need to be unified and behind the initiatives which will take place.



The RESPONSE principle is focused on reviewing the organisations strategy and building an effective response to digital disruption, offensive strategies will look to cause disruption in the digital economy whilst defensive strategies will aim to protect organisations from being disrupted.



The INNOVATION principle is focused on ensuring organisations have a clear innovation approach to ensure the best ideas are being captured from the business and transformed into initatives.



The VALUE principle is focused on the "WHY" of transformation ensuring that the portfolio is supported with a benefits strategy, and benefits realisation plan to measure success from changing the business.



The ENTERPRISE principle is focused on building transformation capability within organisations so transformation can be carried out effectively.  Whether it's managing portfolios, programmes, projects, change management, training & competence, process management and more these building blocks need to be in place.



Become a Certified Digital Transformation Professional

You can learn more about THRIVE and Digital Business Transformation Certification through CXO Transform.  This course is an online only course that you can access from your PC, laptop or mobile devices to truly learn on the go.  Click on the banner below to visit CXO Transform and learn more about becoming a certified digital transformation professional.



By understanding and implementing all of the THRIVE principles they can be weaved together to create an tangible a roadmap for implementing best practices into your organisation ranging from:

  • Phase 1 "Starting Blocks" - Establishing the core principles, launching the Transformation Launch Comittee and aligning the mindsets of leaders


  • Phase 2 "Market Intelligence" - Performing market / competitor analysis, understanding the regulatory change roadmap and also political changes inside / outside your organisation


  • Phase 3 "Define Strategic Response" - Producing the current operating model, reviewing offensive / defensive strategies, ensuring strategic objectives are available and begin producing target operating model sessions


  • Phase 4 "Transformation Readiness" - Review internal transformation capability readiness within your organisation and define an adequate target to begin transformation whilst producing an action plan to get you there.


  • Phase 5 "Innovate Concepts" - Agree an innovation approach within your organisation, identify value creation areas and implement / leverage the approach.  Produce innovation / design workshops to extract ideas to transform your organisation without the constraints of the past


  • Phase 6 "Digital Use Cases" - Prepare stakeholders on digital use cases and aim to create new ones from previous innovation concepts.  Include benefits analysis and prioritise use cases to identify quick wins / pilots to celebrate early.


  • Phase 7 "Investment Appraisal" - Establish a benefits management and realisation strategy, identify candidates for transformation and produce business cases, benefit lines and benefit dependancy maps


  • Phase 8 "Establish Transformation Portfolio" - Establish transformation governance including portfolio, programme and project processes.  Establish Transformation Portfolio Definition Committee to decide what goes into the portfolio and establish a Transformation Portfolio Delivery Committee to help monitor and resolve issues


  • Phase 9 "Launch Digital Transformation" - Create Transformation Roadmap of approved candidates and communicate it around the business.  Assign and launch teams whilst monitoring the portfolio's progress


"I found the course extremely useful in providing context and definition of what Digital Transformation really means.  Having gone through all of the THRIVE principles I thought the Transformation Roadmap module was great at pulling it all together whilst being flexible enough to easily visualise how to take organisations through the various steps to set-up their own true transformation programme."


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