The Practical Change Manager series has been written by: Jonathan Parnaby (Director / Owner of The Transformation Office Ltd)


So, you’re interested in the topic of Change Management and how people go through the Kubler-Ross change curve (Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance and Moving On)?  More importantly you’ve decided you want to help people transition through that process as part of your professional career.  You may have chosen to go on some Change Management courses and learn about a variety of change management models ranging from Kotter, Lewin and dozens more. 


Hopefully you’ve been given the opportunity within an organisation to become a Change Manager for a large-scale Business Transformation Programme which you’re obviously excited and a little bit nervous about, I mean you’ve finally got a chance to make a real difference by focusing on the people aspect of change.  Then the reality sets in on your first week, up until this point you’ve learnt a lot of theory but now you’re sat in your first Programme Board meeting and the Programme Director is staring directly into your eyes and asks you “how are you physically going to get the business to change and transform?” and you need to have a good answer.

Episode List

Episode 1/9 - The Change Framework

This episode focuses on the importance of change frameworks within business transformation initiatives and introduces the ENGAGE™ change management framework created by The Transformation Office

Episode 2/9 - Change Impacts

This episode focuses on the foundation of change management activities which is the change impact and how they can be recorded to aid assessments

Episode 3/9 - Change Impact Assessments

This episode focuses on creating one or many change impact assessments to start to make the business aware of the upcoming changes and what they mean to them

Episode 4/9 - Change Networks

This episode focuses on creating the ever supportive change network and includes examples in how to structure change networks within orgnisations

Episode 5/9 - Preparing the Change Plans

This episode introduces change journeys which helps change teams to organise their impacted stakeholders and start to map proactive activities against them, these then becomes the building blocks for the change plan

Episode 6/9 - Measuring Change Through Control Rooms

This episode introduces control rooms, a two way mechanism which allows project / change teams to regularly engage with key representatives of the change network

Episode 7/9 - Building Confidence Through Awareness

This episode highlights some of the key proactive awarness activities that can be performed such as day in the life of's (DILOs) can be as well as process education sessions to help kick start your change plan

Episode 8/9 - Business Preparation Checklists

This episode aims to provide a measurement for the business to determine how ready they are for change, using business preparation checklists change teams can be in control to ensure the business is on track

Episode 9/9 - Business Adoption and Support

This episode covers the all important time of going live where the change has happened.  This is achieved by using benefits realisation techniques and supportive processes like hypercare support

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